Jungle Juice NFT is a platform for the community. We take pride in creating visuals for accomplished artists. Previous artists we've worked for include Kevin Gates, DaBaby, Seddy Hendrinx, OG Boobie Black, and many more. We created Spliffy the Bear to express the variety and freedom in music. By collaborating with many artists, we are able to offer you, the community many exclusive drops, creative content, and dope ass art.


We created this NFT for fans to gain exclusive access to JUNGLE JUICE festivals, concerts, interviews, events, cinematic behind the scene's footage, and much more. At JUNGLE JUICE ENT we specialize in documenting the music industry in all directions. We created a platform where people from the hip-hop community can experience firsthand what its like to be involved with production inside the music industry. In the JUICE BOX, holders of our NFT will gain exclusive access to a community of elite individuals with their fingers on the pulse of the music world.